To Floss or Not to Floss? The answer is a resounding YES. Despite recent news reports questioning its necessity, we want to emphasize that flossing is indeed crucial for your oral health.

Cleaning between your teeth is an essential part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, whether you prefer traditional string dental floss, a water flosser, an interdental brush, or another interdental cleaning tool. The key is to clean between your teeth correctly and consistently, every single day.

While catchy headlines may suggest otherwise, it’s essential to understand the truth: when done correctly, flossing helps prevent plaque and bacteria buildup between teeth. Why does this matter? Because this buildup is a primary cause of periodontal disease, a condition that not only impacts your oral health but has also been linked to complications with diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and various other systemic health issues.

At our office, we prioritize your oral health and well-being. During your visit, don’t hesitate to ask your hygienist to demonstrate the most effective way to clean your teeth. Whether you have questions about flossing, interdental cleaning, or any other aspect of oral hygiene, we’re here to provide guidance and support.

Ready to take the next step in your oral health journey? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Let’s work together to ensure your smile stays healthy and bright for years to come.

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